This Apexatropin stuff works and I’m sharing my before and after pictures in this post.

As you can see from these reviews by readers of this site and real customers this supplement is very effective.

Before we get started, the problem with Apexatropin is that the results only last for as long as you continue to take the pills.

But I’ve figured out a way to not only get great results but get permanent results too.

I’ll share my system further down in this post. It’s the same system that has allowed me to gain almost 2 inches in length.

Anyway let’s continue with the review..

A while ago I bought myself some Apexatropin because I had this trip coming up with a hot girl I knew.

As we were actually going to meet I bought myself the Apexatropin to try and increase the size of my  and help with my lack of s.

Plus they just weren’t that hard so I didn’t want to mess up with this girl.

Now that I’ve used Apexatropin I thought I’d share my review and results..

By the way before I talk about my results I just want to point out that the official website is

I bought their buy 2 get one free offer to last me 3 months.

I didn’t expect them to arrive that fast but they actaully arrived in just a couple of day.

Within 5 minutes of opening up the package I took 2 of them just to see what would happen.

At first I didn’t feel anything.

I don’t really know what I was expecting..

An instant  maybe?

But an hour later while I was browsing the web I saw this ad and it had this hot looking woman on it.

It wasn’t an adult ad or anything but it within seconds I found that I had a massive  that was so hard I thought it might burst through my trousers like a knife through butter.

So of course I grabbed my throbbing hard  and jacked off.

Well I had one of the most amazing s ever..

I didn’t expect the Apexatropin to work so fast but after just an hour of taking it I definitely saw some changes.

Later that day I even got another  so I know the pills were working because usually after I  once in a day that would be it and no more s the same day.

But this time I was hard as a rock.

Does Apexatropin Make Your D*ck Bigger?

As soon as I started taking it I noticed that my  was looking a bit more “fuller” and my s were definitely bigger.

I would say that my s were instantly half an inch bigger which made a HUGE difference.

And I also noticed a bit more girth so yeah I’d say that Apexatropin will instantly make your  bigger.

Honestly though I don’t think the size increase is permanent.

So if you stop taking it you will lose your size increase.

This is why I think combining a supplement like Apexatropin with a tool like the Hydromax is such a powerful combination.

Because the Hydromax helps to permanently increase the size of your  but it takes time.

While the Apexatropin works immediately giving you an instant size increase of half an inch as well as rock hard s and the ability to get it up more often.

On their own they are great.

But when you put them together you will be blown away with your results.

In less than 6 months of this combination I gained almost 2 inches..

My Before and After Pictures

So if you want;

  • An instant size increase of half an inch.
  • Rock solid s.
  • Amazing s.
  • And the ability to get it up more often.

Then buy Apexatropin from

The Apexatropin System

If you’ve read the rest of this review up until now then you’ll know that the effects of these pills only last for as long as you take them.

So I wanted to see if there was a way of taking advantage of the positive benefits and building upon them.

With this system I was able to add another 2 inches in permanent length and I believe you can do it too.

If you’re not interested in making permanent gains then you can skip this routine and just use Apexatropin from hereLINK instead.

So here goes;

The System

  • When you wake up in the morning use the Hydromax pump for 10 minutes from here.
  • After pumping use the jelq device from here and do 250-500 jelqs.
  • With your breakfast take 2 capsules of Apexatropin.
  • Then throughout the day wear the SizeGenetics extender available here for at least 6 hours.

With this routine you should take the pills every day but take every 4th day off from using the tools for rest.

Here’s what Kris said about my system;

Your system is da-sh*t! the combination of the pills and the devices is just wow. I have been doing your system for 3 months now and my length has gone from 5.75 inches to 6.9 inches, I can see myself getting to 8” with this within the next few months!

Thanks bro!

The system above works so good that you will be in disbelief at how much your grows so give it a try if your goal is to add some permanent length and girth.

You’ll be amazed at what a confidence boost it is to increase the size of your  and know that you can bang a chick senseless.

And just make sure that if you do buy Apexatropin that you buy from the official website so you get the real thing and not some fake sh!t.

My Apexatropin Results

When I first took these pills they took a few hours to kick in and when they did I was quite shocked at the changes I say.

For a start, my was at least half an inch bigger, instantly.

But it took a few days for the ingredients to build up before I really felt the full effects.

After a few days of taking Apexatropin I found;

  • My s were at least an inch longer, thicker and throbbing hard.
  • I began getting s at the drop of a hat.
  • And when I would  it felt amazing.
  • I also found that I felt more energized and focused.

So, thanks to Apexatropin I gained over 1 inch in length in just a few days to my erect size.

Then I combined these pills with the Hydromax pump and jelqing and created my own system and in the past 6 months I have gained almost 2 inches in permanent erect length!

I say permanent because for the last month I have not used Apexatropin, the pump or done any jelqing and I have lost none of the 2 inches I gained.

My flaccid length is also around an inch bigger so it looks more impressive.

I like Apexatropin for the immediate results but when you stop taking it the results go away.

That’s why I recommend you use it as part of a system like this to make some permanent gains that won’t just fade away.

Apexatropin Reviews

This product has become hugely popular recently as word has gotten out about them.

Here are some reviews from real customers.

This stuff works great!

To say I was skeptical is an understatement but after reading all these positive reviews they hooked me in and I bought a bottle.

2 weeks in and my  has grown over half an inch already and my gf is confused as to why because I didn’t tell her I bought them.

This is crazy!

Who would have thought that some little pills could add half an inch in 2 weeks. I’ve already order 3 more bottles and expect to get even bigger.

Update: Hey guys I just thought I’d pop back in for an update. I’ve been using them for 3 months now and have one bottle left. They say the average user gains something like 1.47 inches well I’ve gained over 1.5 so I guess they’re about right.

I had to tell my girlfriend in the end because she was getting so suspicious as to why my  kept getting bigger.

I went from a skeptic to a believer and luckily this stuff is cheap so I can afford to use it for as long as they make it.

Thanks for reading!


5 star product

This Apexatropin is like some kind of miracle pill. I popped 2 pills when they arrived and later in the afternoon my  was looking huge and I had the best  ever with my girlfriend.

Now I have been a user for over a month and I’m 1” longer and my girlfriend can’t get enough of me. We do it like 1-3 times a day now.

I have also more energy and workout every day and am getting in better shape, building muscles.

Just really good pills all around. Recommended.

Shawn H.

Apexatropin is working wonders

I am now 48 years old and skeptical so I doubted whether this supplement worked anyway let alone for an old guy like me but I have been very pleasantly surprised to find that my  drive has gone up 10 fold and my erect length has gone up by 3 quarters of an inch in under 1 month.

My wife and I used to have  maybe once or twice per week but now we are doing it every day or every other day.

I feel 20 years younger since I’ve been taking Apexatropin so they get top marks from me.


Life changing results!

I’m a shy and kind of nerdy computer programmer who works at home by myself all day so when I do meet women I never know what to do or say to them.

One day while I was procrastinating I ended up finding the Apexatropin website and to be honest I just thought I’d buy them for a laugh to see if they worked.

Low and behold I found that they are no joke and after taking them for a few days I started getting massive s.

Seeing my  get bigger somehow triggered something in my brain that made me feel more confident and outgoing and when I was at the shops the other day I found myself having a conversation with this girl about my age, 23.

I felt calm and confident and somehow managed to get a date later that evening. Anyway we ended up back at my place and I banged her good! I felt more in control and lasted longer than I should have. She even told me that I feel so big!

So yeah, somehow these pills that I bought for fun to try out have turned into a bit of a life changer for me so I just wanted to leave this review to share my results.

I hope this helps anyone thinking of buying. It gets 5 stars from me.

Dan C.

Great pills. Try them!

I used up a bottle of Apexatropin a few months ago and found it great for girth because it gave me a bigger thicker .

My d*ck went from 6.2” to 7.2” from just one bottle.

But then I forgot to order and within a few weeks my erect size shrunk back to it’s normal size.

Now I’ve got another 3 bottles and have been using it again for 14 days and have already grown 0.5” so I’m back on target to hit the 1” mark within the next 2 weeks then hopefully I’ll get bigger.

I can afford these pills and they’re cheaper if you buy more than one bottle at a time so I can see myself using these regularly from now on.

Give it a try fellas. You won’t be disappointed.

Jake M.

My pics speak for themselves

I don’t really write reviews so I thought I’d just post my Apexatropin before and after pics instead as a picture says a 1,000 words as they say.



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Size Gain Calculator

The makers of Apexatropin polled their users and found that the average customer gained;

  • 0.77 inches after 1 week.
  • 1.47 inches after 3 months.

They also have an 85% reorder rate meaning that more than 8 out of 10 customers are happy enough to purchase more.

Here a handy little calculator you can use to predict what your length will be after 3 months of using Apexatropin.

You can get better results if you follow a system like this one like I did.

What is Apexatropin?

It’s basically a male enhancement product that’s main purpose is to increase the size of your  by opening the chambers within to allow more blood to flow through it while you have an .

Because the  is naturally flexible and spongey by opening the chambers within it and pushing more blood into the into the chambers you’ll find that you get instantly bigger and harder s.

You will get instant results but for maximum size gains it can take up to 3 months.

The Apexatropin pills are not FDA approved but the ingredients are safe to consume and have all been proven to be effective.

So far they have sold over 2 MILLION bottles to men all around the world.

Right now, 1 bottle costs $49.99 but you can get the price down to $29 is you order a multipack.

Ordering is completely safe and secure and delivery was fast for me.

The Guarantee

When you buy Apexatropin you are also covered by their 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

They have an 85% reorder rate so there’s a good chance that you will be happy with the product but if you aren’t then you can get your money back.

How do you use it?

Each bottle contains 60 capsules and you need to take 2 per day so each bottle lasts 1 month. To reap the benefits you must continue taking 2 per day.

How Does Apexatropin Work?

Think of your  kind of like a sponge. The ingredients within these pills help your body to increase the blood flow filling it up like a sponge which causes it to expand and enlarge.

The Apexatropin Ingredients

It’s all about the ingredients, here’s what’s inside and what they all do;

Tongkat Ali – This is one of the most powerful natural testosterone boosters known to man. Men who have large es and strong s generally have high levels of testosterone.

Back in 2012 a study was conducted on 76 men with low levels of testosterone. Many of these men were unable to get and maintain an .

After one month of supplementing with Tongkat Ali of 90% of the 76 participants ended up with testosterone levels higher than that of the average man.

The majority of these men found that the were able to get s again and keep them up and they also found their s were larger than normal too.

Another benefit to increased testosterone levels is the ability to build muscle and burn fat faster so if you workout then this ingredient will be hugely beneficial to you.

Men with more testosterone tend to have more energy and confidence too.

This is one powerful ingredient and Apexatropin is one of the only male enhancement products to contain it!

Maca root – According to the National Institute of Health study maca is effective at boosting free testosterone levels and increasing ual desire.

According to WebMD the Incans have been using it for over 2,000 years to improve mental clarity and focus and increase  drive.

It’s also known to increase blood flow which is beneficial for enlarging the .

L-Arginine – This is an amino acid which turns into nitric oxide inside your body. According to the WebMD a study showed that L-Arginine is effective at improving s.

The nitric oxide causes the blood vessels within your  to dilate and absorb more blood like a sponge. The other ingredients helping to increase blood flow will push more blood into your  causing it to get larger.

Ginseng – This plant grows in Asia and can only be harvested after it turns 5 years old. Ginseng is full of saponins which are essential for strong s and ual functions.

These saponins help to increase the blood flow into your  while erect and slow the rate at which the blood leaves.

This means your member will retain more blood while you’re erect which will make your  bigger and more throbbing like.

Those are the ingredients within Apexatropin and they work together to dilate the blood vessels with your  so that your  becomes more like a sponge and holds more blood and at the same time they help to increase the blood flow to the  so there’s more for the blood vessels to hold.

Simply put, your erect d*ck will get real big, real fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve gotten a few questions lately about Apexatropin because it’s popularity has sky rocketed now that people know it works.

Here’s my answers to some of the most common questions.

How many inches in length will I gain? These pills worked for me on the first day that I started taking them, I noticed an instant size increase of about half an inch.

The average man gains 0.77 inches to their erect length after 1 week which makes a huge difference.

Then the results gradually get better and by month 3 you can expect your erect size to grow by 1.47 inches.

If you use it for longer then you can probably expect to gain more. Personally, I started following this system and gained almost 2 inches in 6 months.

How many inches in girth will I gain? After 3 months you can expect to gain 0.66 inches in girth which is plenty!

Are the effects permanent? No, when you stop taking Apexatropin the powerful effects of the ingredients will go away. But it is possible to make permanent gains with this system which goes great with these pills.

Are there any side effects? Apart from a bigger d*ck and more energy? I haven’t noticed any negative side effects and I’ve not heard of anyone else suffering from them either. Truth be told the ingredients are all know to be safe to consume.

Do you think they will work for me? Well they worked for me and if you’ve read the reviews then you’ll know they’re working for others too plus they have an 85% reorder rate which means that over 8 out of 10 guys who try it like it enough to order more so I would say that yes, Apexatropin will most likely work wonders for you too!

Where do I buy from? There are a lot of scammers selling fakes online right now to cash in on this products popularity. The only place to buy the real product is from TryApexatropin.comLINK

If you have any more questions then just as at the bottom of this page!

Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about the good and the bad.

The cons

The only con that I can come up for Apexatropin is that the results aren’t permanent and that you need to continue taking it forever if you want to keep all the positive changes.

But I guess that’s the same problem you have with any supplement.

The Pros

Instant size boost – The best thing about this supplement is that it works fast. You will probably feel it working within hours and then the results will gradually get better and better.

More length and girth – Without a doubt, these pills make your erect d*ck bigger. Expect to gain between 1-2 inches in 3 months.

Rock hard! – Because these pills force more blood into your  and help retain it too you’ll find you get rock hard like never.

More satisfaction – A lot of guys including myself are finding that  feels better and you can expect your s to feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

Confidence booster – You will be shocked at how much your confidence goes up when you know that you have a nice big d*ick to give it to give to a woman. Women will sense this confidence and know what’s up!

Happier partner – Your partner will get more satisfaction from you because you’ll be larger and find that you can last longer too.

More energy – These pills increase testosterone levels. More testosterone = a more youthful energy. It’s also great for working out because you’ll feel stronger and build muscle faster.

Price – If you order more than one bottle then they only cost about $29 a bottle which is less than a dollar a day. That’s cheap as hell as far as I’m concerned which you think about how powerful they are.

Guarantee – When you purchase Apexatropin from the official website you are covered by their 3 month money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Should you buy Apexatropin Or Not?

If you’re skeptical I get it. I was skeptical too but after having tried it and finding out for myself how powerful these pills are and seeing what they done for me all I can say is that you need to try them.

That’s the only way I can prove to you just how powerful they are.

They have an 85% reorder rate for a reason.

And when you try them and see how much bigger your dick starts to grow and how much better you feel you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using them sooner.

I hope you found this review helpful. You can get your supply of Apexatropin from the official website at TryApexatropin.comLINK

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