A while ago I bought myself some Apexatropin because I had this trip coming up with a hot girl I knew.

As we were actually going to meet I bought myself the Apexatropin to try and increase the size of my  and help with my lack of s.

Plus they just weren’t that hard so I didn’t want to mess up with this girl.

Now that I’ve used Apexatropin I thought I’d share my review and results..

By the way before I talk about my results I just want to point out that the official website is TryApexatropin.com and not Apexatropin.com.

I bought their buy 2 get one free offer to last me 3 months.

I didn’t expect them to arrive that fast but they actaully arrived in just a couple of day.

Within 5 minutes of opening up the package I took 2 of them just to see what would happen.

At first I didn’t feel anything.

I don’t really know what I was expecting..

An instant  maybe?

But an hour later while I was browsing the web I saw this ad and it had this hot looking  on it.

It wasn’t a  ad or anything but it within seconds I found that I had a massive  that was so hard I thought it might burst through my trousers like a knife through butter.

So of course I grabbed my throbbing hard  and went to  and jacked off.

Well I had one of the most amazing  ever..

I didn’t expect the Apexatropin to work so fast but after just an hour of taking it I definitely saw some changes.

Later that day I even got another so I know the pills were working because usually after I once in a day that would be it and no more s the same day.

But this time I was hard as a rock.

Does Apexatropin Make Your  Bigger?

As soon as I started taking it I noticed that my  was looking a bit more “fuller” and my s were definitely bigger.

I would say that my s were instantly half an inch bigger which made a HUGE difference.

And I also noticed a bit more girth so yeah I’d say that Apexatropin will instantly make your  bigger.

Honestly though I don’t think the size increase is permanent.

So if you stop taking it you will lose your size increase.

This is why I think combining a supplement like Apexatropin with a tool like the Hydromax is such a powerful combination.

Because the Hydromax helps to permanently increase the size of your  but it takes time.

While the Apexatropin works immediately giving you an instant size increase of half an inch as well as rock hard s and the ability to get it up more often.

On their own they are great.

But when you put them together you will be blown away with your results.

In less than 6 months of this combination I gained almost 2 inches..

So if you want;

  • An instant size increase of half an inch.
  • Rock solid s.
  • Amazing s.
  • And the ability to get it up more often.

Then buy Apexatropin from TryApexatropin.com

If you want to gain some permanent inches then I recommend combining Apexatropin with the Hydromax from here as well as jelqing.

I wrote a free guide on how to use all 3 together to get unbelievable results.

It’s the exact system that I used to gain 1.9 inches in less than 7 months so read it here.

You’ll be amazed at what a confidence boost it is to increase the size of your  and know that you can bang a chick senseless.

And just make sure that if you do buy Apexatropin that you buy from the official website TryApexatropin.com so you get the real thing and not some fake sh!t.

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