Welcome to my Hydromax review.

It’s quite long but it’s worth a read if you’re thinking about buying.

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A year ago you wouldn’t have recognized me.

I was overweight.

I had no confidence.

I couldn’t talk to women.

And life pretty much sucked.

So when my friend Nick walked up to me with a big smile on his face I wondered what the hell was going on.

He held out his hand and inside it I could see a small piece of paper with something written on.

He said..

“Read this and let it sink in. It’ll change your life.”

I doubted it.

So with skepticism I took the little piece of paper and found that written on it was a quote by a guy named Paul Arden.

I could feel Nick’s eyes burning into me as he watched me read.

Just waiting to see my reaction.

All I could say at the time was.

“Thanks Nick that’s some powerful stuff.”

Little did I know that life was about to change completely.

I don’t know why but later that evening as I was sitting in my crusty old 1 bedroom apartment halfway through a cheese pizza and onto my second beer.

Staring at the damp on the wall because there was nothing on tv I decided to read the quote again.

Something about the last few lines really hit home.

“Everything we do we choose.

So what is there to regret?

You are the person you chose to be.”

That’s when I realized that my life sucked because I wasn’t making the right decisions.

I stood up.

Took the rest of the Pizza and threw it in the bin.

I decided that I was going to eat healthy, workout and start building up my self confidence.

If life was ever going to get better then I needed to start making the right decisions.

To tell you the truth I didn’t know jack about self improvement or working out so I turned to Google.

I started reading all these forums and blogs to get ideas on how I was going to change and improve as a man.

That’s when I found this thing called the Hydromax pump.

It’s a water based pump designed to make your bigger.

Now I don’t know why but the thought of increasing the size of my immediately hooked me in.

My was only around 4 1/2 inches so whenever I did manage to get a girl in bed I always felt a bit embarrassed because I knew I was small.

I think this was the main reason I lacked confidence and was so terrible when it came to talking to women.

Now I don’t have a lot of money but by the end of the night I had gone on a bit of a spending spree.

  • I bought the P90X3 home workout program.
  • I bought some Pheromones (which I’ll be talking about in another post.)
  • I bought a few supplements.
  • And I bought the Hydromax pump.

They all arrived a few days later but the thing I was most excited about was the Hydromax.

So when it arrived I couldn’t wait to try it out.

I took it into the shower and gave it a try and without a doubt after just using it for 15 minutes I was pretty shocked at how much bigger my looked.

You know what it’s like after you’ve just and your is starting to go soft but for a while it’s big and floppy and you wish it would stay like that all the time?

Well that’s what it was like after using the Hydromax only bigger and it stayed like that for the rest of the day.

When I got an my just looked huge.

I wish I’d had a girlfriend to show it too!

By the next day my was back to normal which was kind of disappointing.

But I remembered a blog I had read where this guy shared his Hydromax routine.

He gave out his system for getting the best results with the Hydromax so I logged onto my computer and it took me a while but I found it again!

(I’ve shared the Hydromax system with you at the end of this review by the way.)

Ever since that day I’ve been working out, eating healthy and using the Hydromax.

So fast forward a year..

I’m walking through town on a clear sunny day to go to the bank to deposit a cheque when someone grabs me by the arm and says..

“Holy SH^T!

Mike is that YOU?!

You look so different!”

It was my ex-girlfriend.

And like I said at the beginning of this review I’ve changed so much that you wouldn’t recognize me a year ago.

I’ve lost weight and I’m healthier.

I’ve got a better job which pays more money.

And my confidence has grown 10 fold especially with the ladies.

Mostly thanks to the Hydromax.

Since I’ve been following the Hydromax system that I found online my has grown from around 4.4 inches to 6.3 inches.

Here’s my Hydromax before and after photos..

Call me a weirdo but it’s amazing the effects that increasing the size of your has on your self confidence.

I found that as my got larger I found it more and more easier to make eye contact with women and talk to them.

Now I get phone numbers left right and center and I’m getting a lot more often.

As you’ll see on the next page my Hydromax system is not just about increasing the size of your .

Since I’ve been following the system;

  • I get harder s.
  • I more.
  • I last longer.
  • Sometimes I get an immediately after round 1.
  • Oh yeah and I’ve grown almost 1.9 inches.

So yeah I didn’t know it at the time but when Nick handed me that little piece of paper with the Paul Arden quote on it and told me it would change my life he really was right.

Now I hope that by sharing my story I can help change and improve your life.

Whatever you want to do you can do it by making the right decision.

The Hydromax System

On the next page I’m going to share my Hydromax system with you.

Follow this system and you will get amazing results.

Click here to learn the system that helped me gain 1.9 inches..

P.S: There’s no excuse for not being the best person you can be.

Whatever your goal is whether it’s to lose weight, make more money or increase the size of your they’re all just dreams until you take action.

I bought the Hydromax from the official makers at :LINK

And I welcome you to leave a comment if you have a question or even post your own review of the Hydromax in the comment box below..

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