ProExtender Review – After 6 Months I’m Genuinely Shocked At My Results..

After trying tons of pills, pumps and weird contraptions that didn’t work I finally decided to give the ProExtender a try.

Now I wish I had started using it sooner because my results have been incredible.

So, I’m writing this review to talk about my experience using it and hopefully help you get the best results with it!

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  • For those that don’t know, the product I’m talking about is a  enlargement device called the ProExtender from

Like a lot of you guys reading this I was never happy with the size of my .

My insecurities about my size were made worse when I was at school and a girl saw my  and told everyone that I was small.

So, I grew up quite shy and lacked confidence especially around women.

I would only ever come close to getting laid if there was lots of alcohol involved.

So of course, like you I wanted to do something about it and get bigger!

And that led me down a path of wasting a lot of money.

I probably wasted thousands on pills, pumps and weird stuff like  weights.

The only thing that worked were the pumps but they were only temporary.

I knew about these things called “extenders” but for some reason I had always avoided them.

Probably because they look like some device from the dark ages.

But after a couple years of wasting money and seeing no results I stumbled upon this study by the British Journal of Urology on extenders.

Here’s what they had to say.

Apparently, extenders are actually the only devices proven to actually increase the size of your .

So why the hell had I avoided them for so long?

I felt like an idiot.

After doing some more research I kept hearing positive things about an extender called the ProExtender.

Pic of post

“The Pro Extender is the main part of my routine. I went from 6 inches to 7.7 inches in a year. I also jelq every other day.”

Apparently, if you use an extender for 6 months the average length gain is supposed to be 24% and the average girth gain is supposed to be 19%.

So, they are a bit more effective at helping you gain length.

There were so many positive reviews and guys talking about how much they’ve gained using the Pro Extender that I couldn’t help but order myself one and a couple of days later it arrived.

(I ordered the Deluxe Package by the way because it comes with the comfort strap which I read is a lot more comfortable to wear.)

Now all I had to do was wear it.

The Simple ProExtender System

  • Wear the ProExtender for 6-10 hours per day. (I averaged around 8 hours per day.)
  • Take every 3rd or 4th day off for rest. (You’ll know when you need a rest.)

And that was it. For the first month I wore it for an average of 2-3 hours per day to get used to it.

It’s also OK to take breaks but try to wear it with as few breaks as possible.

Tip: Don’t use too much tension when you’re wearing the Pro Extender. The idea is to feel a comfortable stretch.

I knew that extenders took time to get results so I just kept wearing it and stayed patient.

I didn’t measure myself that often either but pretty quickly I began to see that I was getting larger.

My ProExtender Results

The longer I wore the Pro Extender the more I realized what a great product it is.

After wearing it for 6 months straight I almost had to pinch myself because I almost couldn’t believe how much I had grown.

Yes, it’s great to be larger but what I am most pleased about is just how much my confidence has grown!

I don’t feel so shy and self-conscious anymore and I’m more outgoing and enjoying life more.

I find it easier to talk to women and have even got myself a girlfriend and I never feel uncomfortable getting naked in front of her because I know I’m not small anymore.

Oh yeah, and I have noticed that my ions get rock-hard now and I am able to last longer during .

I guess all that stretching the ProExtender did was kind of like exercise and it came with other benefits other than just growth!

Get your Pro Extender from and within 6 months you can expect to gain between 1-3 inches.

I hope my review helps, I just wish I’d found the ProExtender before I wasted all those years and thousands of dollars on stuff that doesn’t work.

Wear the ProExtender and give it some time to do its thing and before you know it you’ll be pinching yourself because it’s an unbelievable feeling when you see just how much you’ve grown.

ProExtender Reviews

My Pro Extender Review

I bought the pro extender and had no idea whether it would work or whether it was just some well marketed scam but I have been pleasantly surprised with my results.


I have gained about an inch and I have used it for a little over 12 weeks.

I mostly wear it after work in the evenings as I'm too scared to wear it to work ha ha.

I think I wear it for around 3 hours per day, I probably could have gained more if I had put more hours in to it but I'm not complaining!

Anyway I hope my little review helps, it's nice when something works like it's supposed to!

Definitely works

I bought the proextender when I was a little bit drunk and thought it would be a cool idea to make my dick bigger lol.

4 weeks in and I'm up a cm so not too bad in my books.

It's definitely doing something that's for sure.


5cm up!

Have gained almost 5cm this year!


Proextender helped me gain 1.3 inches!!

I purchased the ProExtender after reading your review and it feels good to be coming back here to say that it worked for me too!

My start size was 5.5 inches (about average)

Now after 6 months I am 7.3 inches!!!

I should have taken before and after pics but I forgot but I just can't believe it.

It's really made a huge difference and  with my gf is a lot more fun now. She says that I'm big enough and not to get any bigger.

Anyway, thanks again because I bought after reading your review!

Shawn C.

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ProExtender Questions and Answers

What is it? The Pro Extender is a device that elongates and stretches your  to force growth.

It works through a process of cell division where the stretching causes the cells to divide and multiply into new cells.

It is kind of like a workout for your . 🙂

Apart from surgery, extenders are currently the only medically proven way to increase the size of your .

The ProExtender has been around for over 16 years and was one of the first of its kind!

How do you use it? It’s easy enough to use. You just strap your  into it and then it elongates and stretches your .

You should wear it for as many hours as possible. I averaged 8 hours per day and you should take every 3rd or 4th day off for recovery.

Is it safe to use? Yes, it’s safe as long as you don’t use too much tension. There are rods on the side that allow you to easily control the tension. The idea is to feel a nice comfortable stretch but not too much.

How much length can I gain? Apparently according to studies on extenders the average man gains 24% in length in the first 6 months which will be somewhere between 1-3 inches.

The longer you use it the bigger you will get. To be honest I don’t think there is a limit to how large you can grow.

Will it help me gain girth? Yes! The average girth gain is 19% within 6 months which makes a big difference.

Why should I buy the ProExtender over the competition? There are tons over extenders out there and they pretty much all do the same thing as far as I can tell.

I like and recommend the Pro Extender deluxe because I’ve used it, it’s comfortable and I got great results with it.

Is it true that it helps with ions? Not only are my ions harder since using the extender but I also get ions more often.

Just like your muscles get harder from working out your dick will become a hot rod of joy for whoever it is you’re about to give it to lol.

Also, the I think the reason you will get ions more often is psychological, when your  is larger you just want to use it more.

Does it really help me last longer? Because it’s like exercise, the extender helps you gain control over your  so you will seem to have more control over when you  and will be able to last longer.

Are the results permanent? I think if you use the extender for at least 3 months and gain some good size then the results are pretty much permanent.

But it’s kind of like bodybuilding, either use it or lose it.

If you stop using the extender completely then eventually I think your gains might go down a little bit but you can maintain your results by using the extender for an hour every now and then or maybe just 30 minutes a day.

So yeah, the results will be real permanent gains.

I hope that answers all your questions!

If you have any more then just ask below on the comments.

Should You Buy the ProExtender?

If you can be a little bit patient and stay committed to wearing it regularly then HELL-YEAH I recommend buying the ProExtender.

It does take some time to work but it’s comfortable enough and discreet enough so you can wear it and just go about your day.

Don’t measure yourself to often because gains are slow and that will just lead to disappointment.

Just wear it and forget about it and before you know it you’ll be saying “holy sh*t this thing really works!”

1-3 inches in 6 months is very possible and it’s such a confidence booster when you start getting bigger.

I gained around 2 inches..

Plus, when you get bigger  becomes a million times better!

This is the best thing I have ever bought.

Buy the ProExtender from the official website at because this thing works!

Don’t forget to come back and tell us all about your results with the ProExtender after you’ve gained some size!

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